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Senai Sustainable Solutions Center

Project developed in partnership with Tecverde, specializing in construction in woodframe. The building is set in the courtyard of an existing block of the Senai headquarters in Curitiba Industrial City. The shape of the project was limited by the environmental conditions such as sunlight and prevailing winds. The north and south facades have different sizes, causing internal heating of the building is smaller in summer. For winter, the building consists of construction materials with high insulation capacity. Proposed green roof in order to reduce noise and optimize the thermal protection inside. The roof is sloped to the north, providing capture of sunlight through solar panels. We also highlight the weathervane, installed with the intention of studying the potential of wind energy site.

Land area: 318,00 m²
Total area: 160,00 m²
Location: Curitiba - PR
Date of Project: 2011
Work: in project